Mission of college


College values:

  • Meet the needs of all stakeholders; 
  • Professionalism and competence of college staff;
  • Partnerships between teachers and college students. 


College Key Strategic Priorities:

  • Improving the quality of educational services on the basis of medical modernization; education with integration into practical health care;  
  • Development of infrastructure design of the college;
  • Continuous training for all categories of college staff; 
  • Creating a comfortable environment for self-realization of students.


Expected results:

  • The formation of his own image – a stable and reliable establishments providing medical educational services of consistently high quality;
  • To ensure priority satisfaction of needs of internal and external customers;
  • Create a unified, transparent for all employees of the College and its consumers an effective system of quality management of educational services on the basis of common principles, approaches, and procedures to resolving issues in the field of quality;
  • Guaranteeing the acquisition by students of knowledge, abilities and skills for successful self-realization in society;
  • Achieve the highest level of competence, culture and performance discipline of employees, student-centered approach to students.

The user undertakes to take all necessary measures aimed at the implementation of “Policy of quality”, bringing its provisions to all staff and following her around the College.

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